Makayla | Back to School Session

My cousins daughter started school this year, so we got together and did a back to school session of her! She is in pre-kindergarten and she is super cute! She always has this big smile for me when I see her. Love her to bits and I hope she has a great year in school!

Conor & Jamie Married | Morinville Wedding Photographer

Their day was finally here! Conor and Jamie's wedding was perfect. And they were all troopers seeing as it was absolutely freezing and windy. The day went great and we managed to get some terrific photos even with that nasty wind and cold. Congratulations again you two!!

Tia, Will & Emma | Sturgeon County Family Photographer

First of all Emma is about the cutest little girl ever. I had to make the most ridiculous sounds to get these smiles, but it was so worth it. She is adorable! The last photo of her makes me giggle everytime I see it, her expression is priceless. They are such a wonderful family and I'm so glad they chose me to capture their family this year. One of my favorite sessions.

Conor & Jamie | Morinville Engagement Photographer

We shot their engagement session back in the middle of summer, when there was tall grass, flowers and warm weather. Conor said he was not photogenic at all and was a little worried on how this was going to go. But I think he did fantastic and Jamie, well, she is always gorgeous so I wasn't worried at all. We had a great session and we were all looking forward to the wedding!

Charleigh | St. Albert Newborn Photographer

This little sweetie was the perfect little model for her session. Isn't she a little doll?

Meade Family | Sturgeon County Family Photographer

I adore this family. Natalie is a friend and our sons are friends too. Natalie is an amazing mom, who loves her kids and would do anything for them. She is a strong woman, and doesn't let anythign stand in her way of success. Adrian and Logan are great kids too, they love their mama to the moon and back! All 3 of them are lucky to have one another.

Calvin & Tianna | Sturgeon County Maternity Photographer

Calvin and Tianna, such a beautiful couple and a new mommy and daddy! I loved shooting their maternity session and they did such a great job, I love every photo! Their little bundle was already born and will be featured shortly!

Sophia | Barrhead Newborn Photographer

I was so thrilled to be capturing Sophia's newborn photos! Her parents, Victoria and Steven, are an amazing couple. They are sure to be pretty incredible parents I'm sure. We had a bit of a tough time settling this little cutie but once we did she was a little angel. She arrived just before Easter so I had this idea of making her a pussywillow crown, turned out great! She was a pussywillow princess!

Natalie | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

Meet Natalie. Another amazing mom who loves her babies with all of her heart! And it showed in this session. I think all moms who talk about their children will be emotional in some way or another. It's just natural to feel and show that when talking about our little people that we love and devote our lives to helping grow and become good people. We had a lot of laughs and tears, but it's all part of our life as moms. 


How many kids do you have and what are their ages?
Logan is 11 and Adrian is going to be 8

What do they love?
Adrian is addicted to gymnastics, absolutely loves gymnastics. Logan's into dirt biking, that's his favorite. 

What is the silliest thing they've done?
This is a good one hummm. 
Adrian talks in an English accent....haha...she changes her accent up every now and then. This is hard......I'll think of them at like 3 o'clock in the morning, I'll be like oh my god that was so funny! 
They both love to do pranks, whether it be trying to prank someone in the house, like put tape over the makes a mess and I usually get angry....haha! 

What trait of yours shows in each of them?
This is where the tears come.....haha! The fear of failure, Logan got that one. I think Adrian got my sense of humor, it's kind of dry. Adrian has this huge heart, they both do, they are both all about helping other people. Logan is a very sensitive boy, if he's scared to do something he won't do it, he'll just shut down.

What do you hope they remember most about you when they are a parent?
I want them to remember I was fun. I wanna be the fun mom. That's the biggest, I want them to remember us having fun together. 

What is your favorite memory of them "just being a kid"?
We took them to Disneyland and it was a once in a lifetime thing so it was cool to watch them enjoy that and just play. That was a really good memory. Camping, we used to do a lot of camping as a family....camping is huge. 

What does being a mom mean to you?
Raising two grown ups to come into this world and be two really good grown ups, I just want to make sure they grow up to be amazing people. That's what being a mom is, making sure that I can do that for two people, for my two babies. 

Katelyn | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

Meet Katelyn. She's a mom and she is amazing! Here is her interview. There were lots of laughs, and a few tears. But that's what motherhood is, isn't it? 


What are your children's names and ages?
Mason and he is 8.

What do they love?
Fishing and hunting and golf, he loves golf. 

What is the silliest thing they've done?
Everything, he's really silly. He's silly everyday.

What trait of yours shows in each of them? Um he loves food as much as I do....haha.

What do you hope they remember most about you when they are a parent?
My love, the sacrifises. Not my cooking Patience and love, I'd like to pass that on.

What is your favorite memory of them "just being a kid"?
There are a lot of good memories. We have favorite memories every weekend, we love camping together, we do everything together. He's a great kid.

What does being a mom mean to you?
Being a mom means watching yourself grow up, I mean it was for me because I was a young mom, so yeah he's my wingman, he's awesome.

The MOM Project | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

I want to know what makes you, you! Join me for an Q & A about life as a mom, your passion, your loves.....and so on. Booking from now until Mother's Day!

Victoria | Stugeon County Maternity Photographer

When Victoria emailed me and told me she was pregnant I was so happy for her and Steven. I love when a past bride and groom contact me to capture their growing family. It truly is an honor. Watching the moments in a couples lives is amazing, but being able to capture those moments with photographs is even better. I get to be there when they say I do, when they let the world know they are expecting and when the new little bundle arrives. There's really nothing better.

The Haig Family | Morinville Family Photographer

This is Jenn and her family. Jenn is a local photographer also so it was an honor when she asked me to capture her family.Her two little girls are so cute, althought he smallest one wanted nothing to do with these photos....hahaha! I had to head sswap alot :) And the had just gotten and new member of the family, Beau the adorable doggy., so we had to include him of course. Good thing I brought my son with me, as Beau tried to escape more then 6 times...haha! I wanted to steal him and take him home, he was so fluffy!

Caitlyn & Richard's Wedding | Canmore Wedding Photographer

This was my first destination wedding, so when Caitlyn and Richard asked me to shoot their wedding in Canmore I was thrilled. Although it isn't a far destination, it was still my first one so I was excited. AND it was my first mountain wedding, a double wammy for me!

They are such a sweet couple and so in love with eachother, the love just pours out when you see them together. A beatiful intimate ceremony at The Nordic Centre and just near that was the water reserve, which has mountains all around it and made for gorgeous photos. The entire place is a perfect place for photos actually.

And if you remeber their engagement photos you will know that their hedgehog was there too :)

And here is the hedgehog :)

Caitlyn wanted me to capture a shot of her, her mother and mer grandmothers wedding rings. Three generations and they are all such unique pretty rings.