Sweet little Madison | The Tiny Light Foundation Photographer

Madison is a brave and strong little girl. She was born with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. CAH is a condition in which the affected person's adrenal glands cannot produce cortisol or aldosterone, both very important hormones for survival (kind of like diabetes of the adrenal glands).  Madison is quite the little girl, she is such a little cutie pie. She loves playing at the park, dancing and reading books with Mommy and Daddy. 
 She is a mover that is for sure. I think she maybe sat down for about a minute, until she got up and bolted for anywhere but my camera direction........lol. I am pretty sly though and got some great shots of her being herself. I loved capturing your very special tiny light :)


  1. :'( I love them so much I'm crying. Great job capturing a great family. LOVE JESSY <3

  2. What a beautiful family!!!!!!!!!
    I also was moved to tears..God Bless.