My Little Man | Edmonton Child Photographer

I had an idea of using this old tub, over 50 years old in fact, in a shoot with my son. When I asked him and he said "okay" I was so excited! I asked my friend Melissa of Melissa DePape Photography if she wanted to join in the fun, since she was here visiting from BC. 
So we made a plan of where we were going to go and I made some props which did not turn out how I wanted them to. 
During the shoot I just was not feeling this idea of mine. But Melissa gave me a kick in the butt and told me to just stop thinking about it and just shoot. So I did and I love how they turned out. They are going to look so good up on my walls!

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  1. I just adore these pictures. Billie they are awesome and Ethan is going to be chased by so many girls he's quite the looker. Handsome Devil he is.