Terry | Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

This is Terry, she is a beauty isn't she? The evening was perfect for this session, it's like the sunset was waiting for us to use up all it's gorgeous light. Of course every girl is a bit nervous when posing for boudoir, but that quickly faded as we got shooting. Terry was amazing and did brilliantly. The location we had was also breathtaking. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE old buildings, tall grass, fences, cars.....anything with texture.

I so badly want to do more of these sessions. They are my favorite hands down. Women are gorgeous, ALL of them. I hate hearing girls say " Oh when I lose weight I will do a photo shoot, or I'm not pretty enough for that" Pfffft! Get out and show off your beauty ladies!!

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  1. Awesome photos!! really you are the best photographer.. Stunning photos and couples.. you are looking soo cool girl.. i am externally impress to see these all pics.. Thank you very much for excellent photography..