Laura | Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

What a stunning woman Laura is! Every girl is a bit nervous before their shoot, and she was too. But as always I make my girls feel so comfortable and at ease with me that her nerves quickly went away. This series of outdoor boudoir shoots is my favorite, the Fall colors, the warm light, it was all just was my subjegt! Cant' wait for Summer and Fall to do more of these!


  1. Lovely photography, it is mind blowing.It looks like creating scene beauty of nature.So you are too good looking and your style was also unique. I really very liked it. Nature is beauty and it is remarkable often a person wants to spend his/her more time lap of the nature. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Amazing photography... You have captured all these photos at lovely places...your all photography show the beauty of nature.. It is really a great work..I have really liked your work.