Nathan & Marie's Wedding | Smoky Lake Wedding Photographer

Marie and Nathan had a beautiful wedding held on his land near Smoky Lake. We were right off of a little lake and it was so pretty. Another outdoor wedding, my favorite, in the warm sunny summer air. We didn't have to travel to do the formal shots which is always awesome. The ceremony location was lovely enough that we just stayed there.

This was also my biggest bridal party ever. 16! Actually I think they are tied with another wedding couple I shot. Either way I was feeling a bit worried before the wedding, 16 people can be tough to wrangle together and make sure they pay attention and stay on track. But this group was perfect, they stayed and did whatever the bride wanted.....and me too of course :) The guys went off with my second shooter Amy for some shots while I photographed the bride and groom. It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for you two! Congrats again!


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