Penny | Sturgeon County Portrait Photographer

Well we have seen Penny on my blog before. I have taken many photos of this lovely lady. She used to be my go to second shooter, I say used to be because she didn't shoot any weddings with me last year and I missed her terribly. We didn't see much of eachother last summer, but we did manage to get together and shoot some photos of eachother. I've said before how much fun we have together and I'm serious, my cheeks hurt from laughing so much when we are together. And I don't need to tell you how freaking gorgeous she is either!

Oh and my dad is amazing and pulled this truck out of the bush fro me to use for photos. The color of the truck was too much for me to handle so I begged him to bring it out of hiding for me. It had been sitting in the bush for 40+ years, and the tires held up while we pulled it AND they still are. I have the best dad ever!

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