Caitlyn & Richard's Wedding | Canmore Wedding Photographer

This was my first destination wedding, so when Caitlyn and Richard asked me to shoot their wedding in Canmore I was thrilled. Although it isn't a far destination, it was still my first one so I was excited. AND it was my first mountain wedding, a double wammy for me!

They are such a sweet couple and so in love with eachother, the love just pours out when you see them together. A beatiful intimate ceremony at The Nordic Centre and just near that was the water reserve, which has mountains all around it and made for gorgeous photos. The entire place is a perfect place for photos actually.

And if you remeber their engagement photos you will know that their hedgehog was there too :)

And here is the hedgehog :)

Caitlyn wanted me to capture a shot of her, her mother and mer grandmothers wedding rings. Three generations and they are all such unique pretty rings.


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