Katelyn | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

Meet Katelyn. She's a mom and she is amazing! Here is her interview. There were lots of laughs, and a few tears. But that's what motherhood is, isn't it? 


What are your children's names and ages?
Mason and he is 8.

What do they love?
Fishing and hunting and golf, he loves golf. 

What is the silliest thing they've done?
Everything, he's really silly. He's silly everyday.

What trait of yours shows in each of them?
Stubbornness....lol. Um he loves food as much as I do....haha.

What do you hope they remember most about you when they are a parent?
My love, the sacrifises. Not my cooking skills...lol. Patience and love, I'd like to pass that on.

What is your favorite memory of them "just being a kid"?
There are a lot of good memories. We have favorite memories every weekend, we love camping together, we do everything together. He's a great kid.

What does being a mom mean to you?
Being a mom means watching yourself grow up, I mean it was for me because I was a young mom, so yeah he's my wingman, he's awesome.

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