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Meet Natalie. Another amazing mom who loves her babies with all of her heart! And it showed in this session. I think all moms who talk about their children will be emotional in some way or another. It's just natural to feel and show that when talking about our little people that we love and devote our lives to helping grow and become good people. We had a lot of laughs and tears, but it's all part of our life as moms. 


How many kids do you have and what are their ages?
Logan is 11 and Adrian is going to be 8

What do they love?
Adrian is addicted to gymnastics, absolutely loves gymnastics. Logan's into dirt biking, that's his favorite. 

What is the silliest thing they've done?
This is a good one hummm. 
Adrian talks in an English accent....haha...she changes her accent up every now and then. This is hard......I'll think of them at like 3 o'clock in the morning, I'll be like oh my god that was so funny! 
They both love to do pranks, whether it be trying to prank someone in the house, like put tape over the makes a mess and I usually get angry....haha! 

What trait of yours shows in each of them?
This is where the tears come.....haha! The fear of failure, Logan got that one. I think Adrian got my sense of humor, it's kind of dry. Adrian has this huge heart, they both do, they are both all about helping other people. Logan is a very sensitive boy, if he's scared to do something he won't do it, he'll just shut down.

What do you hope they remember most about you when they are a parent?
I want them to remember I was fun. I wanna be the fun mom. That's the biggest, I want them to remember us having fun together. 

What is your favorite memory of them "just being a kid"?
We took them to Disneyland and it was a once in a lifetime thing so it was cool to watch them enjoy that and just play. That was a really good memory. Camping, we used to do a lot of camping as a family....camping is huge. 

What does being a mom mean to you?
Raising two grown ups to come into this world and be two really good grown ups, I just want to make sure they grow up to be amazing people. That's what being a mom is, making sure that I can do that for two people, for my two babies. 

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