Below are some little tidbits about me.


I am an Aquarius, the qualities of an Aquarius that stood out to me was loyal, friendly, honest, original and inventive!

I am a very friendly person and get along with pretty much everyone I meet. I often find myself laughing and chatting with guests at a wedding or clients at their shoot, makes me feel more like a friend then the photographer when we are out shooting.

I am very emotional and cry at every wedding I shoot, although I hide it well so no one ever sees me!

I am a huge movie watcher, I have watched many many movies over and over. 
A favorite.........I can't pick one there are just too many, although I am a sucker for romantic and sports movies!

I am very crafty. I love everything do it yourself and have a gazillion projects ( that I have on my  Pinterest boards ) that are on the to do list, even though I haven't done one of them yet....!

I am a lover of sweets and have a huge sweet tooth....hence my fluffy-ness ;)

I am a lover of fruit........but only when it's half frozen. I know, wth right? But it makes them so much better, try it and you will see!

I am in love with photography ( obviously ) and would love to capture your wedding, you and your partner, you and your family, just your children or just you in whatever moment it happens to be in your life.

I am based in Morinville, but will travel to surrounding areas.

If you think I would be a perfect fit for you please give me a shout! Email me at